Think supports our clients with traditional direct marketing and email direct marketing efforts.

But where we set ourselves apart is in developing “Three Dimensional” direct marketing programs.

Three-dimensional (3D) marketing is a form of direct marketing designed to stand out from the crowd.  We’re experts in this technique and can develop and oversee a program that drives leads, appointments, and sales.

How it Works: A select group of prospects is sent an item to entice them to meet with the sender (and at least take the phone call follow-up). The key is to “stand out” from the regular email and mail deluge top executives face every day.

Results: Typically well run programs with 1-3 mailings bring a response rate (sales appointment/call) between 20-40 percent. Sales follow-up calls get past the gatekeeper and/or get noticed as you can set yourself apart by saying “I am the person who sent you the X, Y, or Z.”

This technique, with the right creative muscle that directly ties an “item” to your message is a proven way to deliver demonstrable opportunities… time and time again.