After nearly 20 years of being on the ‘client side,’ I never wanted to start what I would call the typical agency. That’s because what I was accustomed to receiving was inferior service, a lack of understanding of my business, and a constant battle back and forth over nickels and dimes for things that were ‘out of scope.’

So what I founded was an agency full of entrepreneurs – that understand and appreciate the need for highly talented, highly flexible individuals with years of experience in a variety of marketing disciplines. No single marketing task or initiative should operate in a vacuum – so we make sure that each and every person who touches your account understands the big picture – not just the goal of the initiative, but the overall corporate marketing goals.

We’re a full-service marketing and communications agency offering innovative, strategic methodologies to help seize untapped market opportunities. Think offers a full suite of marketing & communications services. Our creative resources are adept at every marketing discipline including brand initiatives, website design, corporate communications, market research, and social/viral media efforts with a high level of client support, each designed to have measurable impact.

We consider ourselves partners with all companies, regardless of company size, name and geography.

In short, we know first-hand that you deserve better creative, service, impacts, and value than you’re accustomed to. Give us a chance to show you what that could look like.


Doug Adams
Founding Partner
The Think Agency