Research is often a casualty of time and budget. Think can obtain fast and affordable research to make the right business decisions. The Think Agency doesn’t forget that it is marketing research  – a process to obtain fast, affordable, and reliable insights to improve effectiveness… without slowing initiatives down.

Our marketing research experts can assist with numerous studies, including:

  • Measure Market Attitudes & Opinions to understand position within a product category, product usage, and brand perceptions
  • Competitive Landscape Mapping of the competitions’ strengths and weaknesses and resulting opportunities and challenges
  • Test Positioning and Positioning Statements to validate the most impactful messaging
  • Test Ads and Ad Copy before  ads run to measure favorability, likeability, and recall
  • Attitudinal Impact Measurement of your advertising initiatives including unaided/aided brand awareness, purchase intent, and brand favorability.
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement to understand  the origination, current satisfaction of customers, and necessary retention steps.